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It got me thinking. I enjoyed being challenged. I look forward to practising what I learnt


Really enjoyed this session & learnt a lot about myself and how I perceived wealth


“Martial got to the core of my beliefs and anchors. Because of what he taught me, I was able to get rid of my anchors. It worked for me.”


“In a limited time capacity, Martial reinforced my decision to master the creation of wealth. Extremely satisfied with this evening”


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About Martial A Peter

Over the past two and a half decades, Martial, a successful entrepreneur in the fields of Financial Services, Mortgage Management, Property, Results Driven Coaching and Sports Psychology, has developed an interest in understanding why people do what they do. During this time he has used his passion to set up and take one of his businesses to a 1.5 billion dollar enterprise.

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Whether you are looking for professional coaching for your team or for a keynote speaker at your next event, Martial can provide a tailored solution for you. With three decades of experience in coaching and mentoring and real business experience in building a sustainable network of companies, his experience in the professional world is second to none.

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If you are ready to take that next step towards achieving your goals and dreams, then our live events are for you. From learning the drivers behind your passion to understanding the psychology of how to be wealthy, a live event will help you move towards a compelling future. Pinpoint and identify how you can create a much better quality of life, to get the results that you deserve and to get what you truly want in life.
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Learn the secrets to achieving your goals and dreams


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