Psychology of Wealth – Melbourne, 2014 SOLD OUT

Renowned speaker and personal development mentor Martial Peter, will share with you the psychology of being wealthy.

A comprehensive introductory seminar, this event focuses on learning the keys to unlimited wealth in family, relationships, careers, and financial gains.

1. Understand the psychology of being wealthy;
2. Identify what holds you back and how you can overcome these challenges;
3. Identify the three prominent reasons that have limited your desired wealth;
4. Create a roadmap to unlimited wealth. The Plan, The Process and the Destination; &
5. How to achieve an extraordinary quality of life thorugh a compelling financial future.

Through the use of many tried and tested methods Martial Peter aims to teach you how to wield these tools to help you create unlimited wealth.

We look forward to exploring your journey with you and seeing you there.

Event Dates

October 23, 2014 | 5:30PM – 09:00PM

The Swanston Hotel Melbourne Grand Mecure

“It got me thinking. I enjoyed being challenged. I look forward to applying what I learnt.”T.Michalski
“Really enjoyed this session & learnt a lot about myself and how I perceive wealth.”S.Sargent
“A worthwhile evening. I gained great insight into what holds me back.”N. Pearce