Martial A Peter

“Business strategy is not a light bulb moment; it’s the gathering of data, minds and the understanding of your consumer. “
– Martial Peter.

Martial A Peter’s vision of “people of all walks of life can acquire wealth and enjoy a better quality of life” has shaped the way he has built his businesses.  Pre the GFC Martial A Peter’s two businesses, Mortgage Management and Financial Planning, were known as the fastest growing companies across their respective industries. The direction and leadership that Martial A Peter provided his growing team were second to none. Post GFC both businesses plummeted to an all time low. Since that time Martial A Peter has re-defined his businesses and implemented a new internal structure that continues to deliver his vision.

Over the past two and a half decades, Martial A Peter, a successful entrepreneur in the fields of Financial Services, Mortgage Management, Property, Results Driven Coaching and Sports Psychology, has always had an interest in understanding why people do what they do. During this time he has used his passion to set up and take one of his businesses to a 1.5 billion dollar enterprise.

Martial A Peter believes everyone deserves a chance to be happy and live a comfortable life. Starting his career with only $2,400 it was hard keeping his head above water. Delivering pizzas and working night shifts kept food on the table while he pursued his dreams and educated himself at the same time. He always believes that the universe has a way of providing for you – if you are willing to pay the price and work hard for what you want.

“Yes, sacrifices are required to succeed, as the alternative is not worth considering” says Martial A Peter who believes it is easier to succeed than it is to fail. ”Money is just a vehicle to get us what we want in life and we have to master how to drive this vehicle. Financial mastery is a skill that can be learned and achieved by anyone.”

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Learn to achieve the wealth you desire and the quality of life you deserve

Known by his clients as a wealth creator, Martial A Peter’s focus has been in guiding his clients to creating a financial portfolio and mental attitude that will enable them to live a better quality of life. His philosophy toward wealth creation is strongly based on the principles of effective diversification and long term based financial decision-making processes.  Martial A Peter believes that most people get distracted by smart advertising and do not pay attention to the finer points and long-term costs. He has been an advocate for people to learn to equip themselves with financial vehicles and tools that will support them in achieving their financial goals. Martial A Peter believes that creating wealth is 80% mental and 20% in physical implementation.

Martial A Peter’s journey started at the age of 9 when he attended his first personal development program. He spent the first 14 years of his career looking at why people do what they do; however since then his focus has been on what holds people back from doing what they need to do to get what they truly want in life.

Martial A Peter Has Worked With The Following Companies

What began as a desire to help individuals create a better quality of life for themselves has developed into Martial A Peter’s lifelong drive and passion as his experience and advice are called on by leaders from every walk of life – Political Leaders, Advocates for humanity, CEOs of Fortune 500 and Multinational Corporations, Psychologists, Peak performance Athletes and Police Services.

Martial A Peter’s tools and techniques are very versatile. They have been crafted and honed over time to produce results for sales training, conflict resolution, management development programs, creating and cementing corporate culture, effective leadership styles, leadership development, motivating teams (not just CEOs), team building, motivational techniques for executives, effective communication techniques, emotional behaviour and methods to deal with every day stress, entrepreneur and CEO mentoring and personal development.

After 8 years in Management and Corporate Consultancy, working for Fortune 500 companies, Martial A Peter re-directed his career and entered the Mortgage industry and has since enjoyed a long history of success in the Finance Industry, having commenced in Mortgage Broking in 1998.

Martial A Peter established his own Mortgage Management Company in 2001, focussed on systems and high service standards. To facilitate the expansion of the Mortgage Management business, Martial A Peter recognized the opportunity to develop a Licensee Program that would enable greater access to Mortgage Brokers throughout Australia. The National Licensee Program was launched in 2006 with licensees on the Gold Coast, Victoria and New South Wales.

Martial A Peter is now Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer for several privately owned companies which operate in the Financial Services  and Mortgage industry across South East Queensland.

Martial A Peter diversified into Financial Services in 2007 and is now the CEO and Responsible Manager of One26 Pty Ltd, a company holding an Australian Financial Services License.

Martial A Peter’s commitment and expertise are the key drivers to the company’s continued development and objective to be the best in the industry. One26′s national growth is a result of Martial A Peter’s implementation of systems and policies developed while working as a Management Consultant in the Finance Industry.

Since inception of both the Mortgage and Financial Services businesses, One26 has successfully integrated five company acquisitions. One26’s head office is located in South East Queensland with a network of qualified Financial Advisers and Credit Representatives Australia wide.